A message from Lee + the team
A message from Lee + the team

A message from Lee + the team


ABSOLUTELY GUTTED - Reminisce Festival - POSTPONED - We really need your support!

Devastated to announce that this year’s Reminisce Festival has had to be cancelled due to current Coronavirus and restrictions that remain in place.

I won’t lie , I’m absolutely gutted. It’s a HUGE blow to us as an independent homegrown festival this leaves us in a really tuff place having been so far down the line with this years festival with all acts booked and confirmed as well as the huge infrastructure that’s needed well in advance to deliver such a big event

We have tried to hold on for as long as possible in the hope that restrictions would lift enough to give you that special day and night but it now seems impossible.

IMPORTANT ! - If there’s one thing you can do to support Reminisce Festival it’s this ...

PLEASE keep your tickets and roll them over for next year’s festival . This also includes those who are currently on the deposit scheme , please continue to pay off your tickets if you can . This will help us try and survive to give you all that special day next year .

All those who have already bought tickets and keep them will be rewarded with 2 HUGE FREE warehouse parties in January at Camp and Furnace to come and rave with us - you have no idea how much you retaining your tickets will help us.

The live music sector, like many, are facing exceptional financial difficulties through the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Music venues and promoters are struggling to maintain operations and keep their staff on payroll. Furthermore, the industry’s workforce is heavily populated by freelancers (from the artists to their crew, venue workers and those involved in the promotion of any tours, festivals & events), and despite government support it is extremely difficult for the livelihoods of freelancers during this difficult time.

Reminisce Festival, like many others, are doing all they can to support their self-employed/freelance workers who are involved in the creation and planning of the festival and reliant on the income it provides.

These individuals will be unable to generate work or income during this period of lockdown. If you hold a ticket for Reminisce, or any concert or event rescheduled due to the lockdown, and can afford to do so - please consider retaining your ticket for the rescheduled event and not claiming a refund. This will help maintain operations and provide some assistance to those associated with the creation, promotion, production and management of future Reminisce Festivals.

We are all so gutted here at Reminisce but we wanna thank you for all your support over the past 7 years and we hope to see you all next year’s festival for the biggest and best one ever

Tickets for Reminisce Festival 2021 on Sat 11th Sept are now on sale and we have put a brand new amazing deposit scheme in place for you to start planning and paying off your tickets for 2021 well in advance. Get to www.reminiscefestival.com

We will also be announcing our incredible line up for 2021 very soon to get you all excited!

Thank you all again for all your amazing support , we’re gutted but we can’t wait to see you all next year.

The Reminisce Festival Team