Top Tips
  • Don’t lose your phone! If you do, make it easy for someone to return it to you by taking a screen grab of a contact number that you can be reached on and save it as your wallpaper
  • Stay hydrated! Refill your water bottles regularly
  • Find your own ‘quiet spot’ if things get a little too much for you, but never stop partying!
  • Most importantly DON’T forget your ticket!
Photographic ID MUST be presented with ALL tickets to gain entry to the event. Otherwise entry will not be permitted.
ALL bags WILL be searched, the bigger the bag the longer the search so keep that in mind. Just stick to our requirements of what you can and can’t bring.
To speed up your entry we have got a list of things that can’t be in the festival. If any of these items are found when you're coming in they will be confiscated at the entrance to the festival... Just like last year we simply ask for you not to bring:
  • Sharp objects/weapons
  • Your own food and drink
  • Any form of glass
  • BBQs!
  • You may be searched at any time in any part of the festival
  • People with bags may take longer to get in as all bags will be searched so be careful with how much stuff you bring
  • We operate airport-style security with bag searches, metal detectors on entry
  • Drug detection dogs will be in use throughout the Festival
  • All people coming to the festival must have a valid ticket
  • Extensive CCTV will be in operation throughout the festival and the surrounding areas
  • Merseyside Police will be attending the festival
We have Coaches and Minibus services, also partnered with Arriva buses every 30 minutes OR you can get to us via Train, Car and Taxi. For more information on travelling to Reminisce Festival visit the Reminisce website.
Score: 100
Health: 99%